MPW Executive Search—Specialising In Executive Sales Placements Within The Financial Sector

Every enterprise knows that the sales executives you hire are your key to success. They are what differentiate you. They are what bring your brand to life. They are the driving force behind organisational change and corporate culture.

They are the names and faces of your business, or the ones working from the front to give you the competitive advantage you want.

Attracting Top Talent

Competition has never been greater and the top sales executive talent you need to fill your open positions has the luxury of being selective. In most cases, they are already employed, and your competition is global. But many candidates are looking for a better fit or a new challenge. MPW Executive Search gives you the leading edge and helps you attract the top sales executive talent you are searching for.

A Specialised Focus On Sales roles within the Financial Sector

We understand the unique needs of enterprises in the financial sector, which is why we focus only on upper-level sales executive and sales management leadership assignments.

This includes Retail Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Consumer Finance, Commercial Finance, Financial Services Sales, Financial Business Development, and similar executive sales categories.

Do I Really Need An Executive Search Firm?

We know your in-house HR and Recruiting team are all-stars, but they simply don’t have the connections required to reach top-tier financial executives.

MPW Executive Search has a large and growing local and global network of financial talent who are in the market for more than a job—they can get a job with ease.

They are looking to find a company with whom they are aligned, who recognizes and appreciates their unique set of skills, who is eager for innovation.

Not only do we deliver the quality candidates, but we speed up the recruiting process!


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